Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Always Learning!

Incredibly powerful Bible study this morning! I found out I'm not the only one being beaten up by satan! Seems many of us were in the same boat! It was so helpful, so spiritually refilling, so uplifting, so energizing to learn more about how to operate in our annointing and our calling! Thanks Pastor Martie!

From there I enjoyed a non-planned lunch with a couple of the women who also drive from Bloomington to Bedford for this study. We all ended up at good ole' Wendy's and spent quite some time getting to know each other better and continuing to fill each other up. Thanks Bev and Donna!

Now we put together the final plans for our missions training school class tonight. Everyones homework is graded and ready for them to pick up. The DVD for tonight is entitled "Hungry Decisions" and really good. All the studens will also get information on their research paper that they will be writing. We have handouts and plenty of instructions to go with them! They will be selecting an "unreached" people group and after introducing us to them - in great detail - they will be writing about a "plan" they would use to reach those unreached people with the Word of God. It's detailed, takes alot of research and preparation and reading and typing -- but it's a wonderful project when completed. Please keep them in your prayers.

And tomorrow morning I will be meeting my Mom to return her little dog to her. She is flying back from Florida as I write this and won't arrive home until late this evening so we will meet half way tomorrow. I hate to tell her but he (Humphrey) has made the decision to stay!! Of course our dogs, Bitty and Samson, aren't so sure that would be the right decision! The green eyed monster of jealousy runs through their veins!!! :)

Tuesdays are always a day of learning for me. A day of wonderful revelations, of remembering what I already knew and forgot and of learning new things -- new ways to feel the love of God and new ways to follow Him and the calling He has placed on my life!

I love Tuesdays!

What have you learned today?

Until next time . . . blessings to all of you! Susan and Monty

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