Sunday, March 06, 2011


The past few days have been a bit busier than usual. My mother is in Florida visiting some of her other grandchildren and great grandchildren! She loves going to visit them and my dad is a bit more content at home. I think he's actually started clearing another wooded area!!! If you don't know what I mean, look back a few blog entries and see his picture!

Anyway, my parents have a little white fluffy dog -- if it were only that easy! This little feller has a really tough time in life! He is a Bischon mix and more than enough skin problems for an entire litter of dogs! He itches constantly and has bare patches all over his little body. Mom has made numerous trips to the vet, tried nearly everything known to man and still he itches and scratches himself raw. Yes, completely raw! He has a special diet and meds to be applied to his skin not to mention keeping a kids size shirt on to keep the itching from doing so much damage. He is just too much for my dad to care for alone so he's with us.

If you already know us you know we have 2 small dogs of our own. They have their routines, whether we are living in our camper trailer out in the field or here at home in our house. But now those routines have been "interrupted" and watching them fret is hilarious! Today is day 4 and we can see some "settling" starting to happen!

Yesterday was bath day and haircut day and by the time they were all done I was exhausted, soaked to the skin and covered in dog hair -- and smiling from ear to ear! It was a blast!

And today I got to check facebook and see pictures of my mom in Florida and that also brought a smile -- so glad she is enjoying some time away, some time to play!

And now some "sneak peaks" at what we have going this next week: Monty will be finishing the mobile home skirting job tomorrow and hopefully picking up another in the very near future. He is taking on these jobs to try and bring in more financing for us -- yes, times are more than tough around here but God promises and we believe!

I have grandkids school duty tomorrow, Bible study Tuesday along with our missions training class, more grandkids school and babysitting on Wednesday and hopefully Thursday evening we are having our meeting to discuss the plans to build the church on the mountain in Ecuador! Monty and I are so excited about this next adventure! It will be great to start on some concrete planning. Please keep us, and the entire country of Ecuador in your prayers.

And those things are just what I have written on the calendar! You know how that goes!!!!! :)

Be sure and stay tuned as I know God has some surprises in store. One big one -- my daughter is going to start "trying" to get me in better shape by training me in her gym! Oh my, this should be good! She has her certification and has been busy as can be since her competition last weekend. She even had a fitness photo shoot this past week so I figure I better take full advantage of her offer while she still has openings!! :)

Until next time . . . thank you for all your prayers and support! Susan and Monty

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