Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boggled Mind

There's been so much going on the past few days I hope I can remember it all! I love it when God is busy showing us new and exciting things!

Sunday was a great morning at church and immediately after I headed off with my youngest daughter to make a visit to her other grandmother. She fell a couple of weeks ago, had a bout with pneumonia and is now in a local rehab trying to get better. The added problem is that she has been diagnosed with Alheimer's disease and so her mind isn't working as it should be. None of my children have been faced with anything like this from their families and it's a bit more than tough for them. We had a nice visit with her and some other members of the family and also had time to visit with each other. Hopefully we can make another visit before too long.

Monday started with Monty and I making a trip to a couple of mobile homes that Monty had been asked to take a look at to possibly skirt them. We checked them out and then made a stop at the local salvage yard where I learned how much fun it is to check crashed and trashed vehicles for parts! I found a radio that should work in my truck and now all we need is that special little tool "thing" to remove it from the crashed truck. That's for another day because Monty got a call from his step dad and they were ready to move a shed and put up an awning on a trailer they had moved over the weekend. That kept him busy till way after dinner time.

Yesterday was my Bible study day -- one of the best times of my week! Pastor Martie and Susan had asked if I could stay after for a meeting to make further plans for our Ecuador church building trip. We sat in the front of the church for another 2 hours answering questions and creating more. They will be making a "look-see" trip next month and I will be providing them with a list of things we need answers for before we start building. For now it looks like the building will be scheduled for the first part of July -- probably right after the holiday of the 4th. We hope to have a 2 week period to schedule volunteers. The church itself will be cement block and roof so not alot of detail but yet an amazing blessing for the Pastor Francisco and his congregation who all live in the mountains. I promise I will keep you posted with any and all recent updates as I get them. Monty and I will be overseeing the project for its duration. We hope to arrive a few days before the volunteers so we can get the tents set up for housing and materials brought up to the mountain and staged for the build. There are so many preparations that need to be made and I ask for your prayers to cover us both during the planning but also during the building. This is an awesome ministry relationship that is being built and we pray to follow God's direction and His perfect timing in it all.

After that meeting I had a 5 minute stop at home before heading to yet another meeting. It lasted until time to pick up Monty and head off to our missions class. It was good to have everyone back from spring break. Our lesson was a tremendous education on the Muslim religion and very eye opening in so many ways. Everyone got alot out of it and all of us are becoming closer and closer to each other each week. This week the snacks were brought in by quite a few folks and we all had fun -- that joy of the Lord thing again!

This morning Monty was up and out working on the trailer skirting before it was even fully daylight. I was off to my Mom's to help her cater her ladies church dinner held this evening. It was a full dinner for 60 women and we had our day cut out for us! My sister in law also came to help and it's a good thing as we were all 3 busy the entire day! My nieces joined us for the evening to help serve and clean up. My dad and brother came to help dish up the meal so it was quite the family event. I had so much fun and am amazed at how much work my Mom puts into her meals! Everyone there enjoyed every bite and left with huge smiles on their faces and more than full tummies!

So now it's late night and although my body is more than tired my mind hasn't stopped racing! I have phone calls to make tomorrow to hopefully get some more answers on the Ecuador trip, laundry that has piled up and bookwork to tend to. Somehow I know God will give me the rest I need and the renewed spirit to get it all done. Monty will be heading back to contine work on the other trailer skirting so hopefully the weatherman is wrong when he says the temps will only be around 40 tomorrow! It's been in the high 70s the past few days and wonderful!

Be sure and stay tuned and if any of you have any interest in volunteering for the Ecuador trip or making a donation towards it please leave a comment at the end of the blog with your contact information and I will get details to you. Note that the comments you leave will be seen only by me and if you do leave personal information I will not post them for others to see.

We appreciate your support and prayers!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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Treasures from a Shoebox said...

Boggled. This is a good place to leave this comment. Susan, you don't know me, but I knew your husband a LONG time ago. He will remember me as "George". I'd heard he had gotten saved and was involved in missions somehow, but hadn't truly believed it...Till today. Once again, I am in awe of what God can do in a broken life that has been surrendered to Him. Are your testimonies of Salvation recorded here anywhere?