Monday, March 14, 2011

The incredible shrinking tree

Don't be fooled by the picture -- I'm not the one who cut down the tree -- I'm the one the rope was tied to and it was my job to pull the branches as Monty was cutting them -- so they wouldn't fall on the house!!! My, oh my did the neighbors get a kick out of watching us over the weekend!
All went well and the tree did "shrink" according to the description of my 2 year old granddaughter! The woodpeckers fought us with each branch being cut -- they literally would land in the tallest remaining branches and squawk and squawk begging us to stop. But they did return after it was cut and seemed quite happy. It really wasn't about the tree -- it was about them not having food hanging in that tree for a couple of days!
The other two pictures are from the mountain in Ecuador where we plan on building the church, hopefully in July. One is Pastor Angel with his family and the other is Pastor Edison digging the foundation. Now we don't even have any building plans to them and yet they are up there diggin away -- trying to get a head start! We might have to re-adjust it a bit but who are we to stop them from preparations! What an exciting adventure this is going to be! I know God has so many miracles just ready to show us and we are thrilled to be a part of this project and to be able to see what He has in store for everyone!
This is spring break here at home so we are able to drive where we want with less traffic, get in and out of check out lines with record speed and even park on campus or downtown if we want to. Sure makes a difference when you live in a large college town!
We are also in the process of making plans to travel to Bettendorf, Iowa to make a visit to one of our very special teams and their church. We are always trying to raise financial support and especially with this overseas project coming up and we haven't been to see our dear friends so we plan on doing both in one trip! They have opened their hearts and homes to us and after a phone call to their Pastor tomorrow I hope we have it all set. We love speaking at churches and sharing our hearts with them and opening their eyes and ears to the calling God has placed on our lives! We hope to get the opportunity to do alot more of those kind of visits!
Until next time . . . pray for all those in Japan who are enduring hardships that really are beyond description. If you are like many who would like to donate financially to this relief effort our suggestion is to donate to UMCOR -- United Methodist Committee on Relief as we know that 100% of your donation does go to the people! Thank you and may God bless you for your helping hearts! Susan and Monty

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