Monday, March 28, 2011

The Greatest Victories . . .

First of all --- as a response to the comment left on the last blog from "George" -- our testimonies are not recorded anywhere, just day by day through this blog. Thank you for your kindness and yes, God is in the business of miracles and transforming lives! And He is a perfectionist! In my Bible studies a few days ago I ran across a comment that I had to write down -- it really spoke to me and although I wasn't sure why, at the time, the past few days have brought about the answer. "The greatest victories can only come out of the greatest conflicts." It seems conflicts have not only surrounded me personally, but my entire family lately! There really is no need to go into details as the details aren't the important part. We all know about conflicts and I always have to go back to one of the things Monty stands on ... "I always know I'm on the narrow path if satan is beating me up along the way." I think my whole family has more than their fair share of bumps, bruises, scrapes and scratches from the recent "conflicts." "But God !!!!" God ALWAYS has a plan, a perfect plan, the ultimate plan! We are just too blinded by the conflicts to see it. And we are amazed as we see it unfold page by page, paragraph by paragraph! Even more amazing is how God goes about accomplishing His plan -- the "surprise" person He uses to speak through! This is what is happening in my family. Probably the one we all least expected has risen to the "challenge" and listened to what God told him to do -- to reach out, to share personally, to lift up those struggling and to help bring peace to everyone! I love the scripture "blessed are the peacemakers . . ." So if you find yourself in conflict (and who doesn't !!) --- remember that God does have the plan and He is trying His best to teach us something through that conflict. None of us like correction, no matter what our ages! But sometimes it's necessary and in that correction the truth comes to the surface, the problems can be addressed, healing can take place, love can be restored and even strengthened -- and the one you least expect can be the peacemaker! Oh, what an awesome God we serve! Until next time . . . Happy Birthday to my brother, Johnny!!!! Susan and Monty

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