Thursday, October 14, 2010

Off They Went

The past 3 days just flew by -- so much going on and so much fun!

Timothy and Lindsey left in the wee hours of this morning; headed for TN where tomorrow they will receive their licenses in ministry through the same missions training school we attended, International Gospel Outreach. They will hold this license for a year while they complete their schooling and then will receive their ordination. We are so happy for the both of them and so glad they also recognized the calling God has placed on their lives and their obedience in following that call. We miss them and wish we could be there tomorrow night! God is about to pour out even more blessings on them!! Hope they hold on tight!

You can see a Halloween preview that we all got to share in the other night! Grandchildren!!!! We received a phone call from our grandson saying they were baking chocolate chip cookies and could we come and have some? Are you kidding --- me pass up chocolate!!!!!! Off we went and they had baked kid size ones (good for me) and we had a blast when they wanted to show us a preview of their costumes! My daughter tried and tried to find the Ariel princess wig and when she did wondered if Liv would wear it. Wear it? She didn't want to take it off!!!! They sang songs for us and we all were doubled in laughter! What a great evening!

My parents also treated us to a fantastic evening at their house. My mom outdid herself in cooking -- something Timothy remembered and was very excited to experience again!! The laughter could have gone on for hours but we had to get back home. We had been gone all day and dogs can only keep their legs crossed for so long!

We also took a tour of the Indiana University campus yesterday. The leaves are at their peak in color and when a freak rain shower fell we decided to duck in one of the ethnic places and grab a snack. Later in the evening Timothy and Lindsey had a conference to attend on campus. Lindsey is pursuing her degree in medicine and some schools came to show off their "wares" so they had a great time getting to see some of the midwest schools and their programs.

After a very late dinner where our neighbor, Shelley, joined us they had packed and caught a quick "nap" before heading out in the wee hours of the morning. We did receive a text that they arrived safe and sound.

Now we are focusing on still trying to sell trucks. Monty has a gentleman driving up from south of Louisville, KY to take a look at his this evening. Pray that it sells!!

And also this evening we are taking our dogs to Barktoberfest --- and it should be a riot! The apartment complex that my daughter manages is having this for all their dogs. They also had the drool in the pool day and you saw photos of that. Thank goodness for the dollar store as we were able to "outfit" each dog for only a couple of bucks. Wait till you see the photos!!!!!

Time continues to move, we continue working away and God is constant through it all! Isnt' He an amazing God!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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