Friday, October 22, 2010


Some of you have asked, others might be wondering??!!

Our update on things thus far . . .

We have sold one of our trucks!!! Praise the Lord for His perfect timing! One down and one to go! Keep praying.

As you may remember, I travel to the next city south of us every Tuesday morning for Bible Study. This was a direct command from God -- as we were driving out of Texas He told me I was to return to that Bible Study (after more than 3 years gone) and although I wondered why I decided I should be obedient. Pastor Martie, who leads the study, just returned from a mission trip to Equador and my, oh my, was her world changed! And now there are many things that will be happening in regards to that trip. Monty and I have made ourselves available to assist them in whatever ways we can. Stay tuned as I know this one is going to get interesting and I'm excited to see what God has in store for all of us!

And here at home . . . as you know there WERE alot of storms this hurricane season. But God! Not a one of them got into the gulf to cause damage! He DOES calm the seas! All the while Monty and I questioned what God was calling us to do? Where were we to go? When? And each of those questions were asked to us day after day after day by family and friends. There just wasn't an answer ---- until now!

Without a doubt --- as clear as can be --- as awesome as God is --- He is calling us to stay here! To stay home! We were thrilled with that call but . . . what is it that He would have us do while we are here? And then He spoke again . . .

"Build a missions training school at home." Do what ????? "Build a missions training school at home."

And so . . . we are building a missions training school right here at home!!!!! The third week of January we will open an extension of International Gospel Outreach right here at home! WOW! We are in the planning and preparation stages right now. A host sight needs to be decided on, materials need to be ordered and sent to us, registration forms need to be completed and most of all --- Monty and I need to get the word out!!!!!

The mission field has come to us!! You don't have to drive far from your own home to experience a different culture and/or language. We ALL are in the mission field and we ALL need as much training as possible to become better at whatever God has called us to do!

This is the school Monty and I attended, graduated from, became licensed through and are ordained through. It was life changing for both of us and we are excited to be able to be used by God to reach out to others, through both teaching and life situations --- to be able to learn more and more about where each of us fits in the mission of life!

Be sure and stay tuned as things will be happening quickly. Classes will begin in January and will be completed in June --- just in time for the next storm season to begin! See what I mean about God's perfect timing!! And it still surprises me! It still excites me! I pray it always does!

If you are interested in these classes, or know of someone who might be, please get in touch with us or leave a comment on this blog. Your life will be changed forever! I promise!

Until next time . . . be blessed and be thankful! Susan and Monty

PS --- to read more about International Gospel Outreach and the school you can log onto: and look through the training sections.

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