Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Super Hot

About 8 or 9 years ago someone gave me some seeds to a plant I had never heard of -- a Moon Plant. The plant itself isn't the most beautiful thing but the blooms are huge and smell like heaven, or atleast what I think heaven surely smells like!

This plant, and 3 more beside it, came up volunteer this summer! After all these years these 4 plants just came up from nowhere and are blooming every night. Oh yeah -- that's why they are called Moon plants -- they only bloom at night and when morning comes the blooms close up and eventually fall to the ground. Then a huge seed pod builds where the bloom was and there must be a million seeds in each pod!

I think these plants and their blooms are one of God's ways of saying we ARE still supposed to be here at home!

This morning was my weekly Bible study and as always, I leave feeling renewed and ready to conquer the world! Atleast I could come home and start printing out our newsletter and getting it ready to mail.

Monty came home early this afternoon. The heat got the best of him and no wonder -- the heat index is in the 100's and since he is working outside . . . We both know the signs of "done" all too well. I suffered a heat stroke back in 2007 and I NEVER want to go through that again! I literally thought I was going to die on the bathroom floor of the hospital emergency room in Mississippi! So when we hit "done" we are done! After a shower and a nap he will be better and ready to go again tomorrow. Although in these temps people should go to work at 6am and stop by 2pm.

Got an update on Mary, our IGO class missionary who is trying to get settled in her new environment in Ecuador. She hasn't started teaching English at the university just yet and although her lost luggage did finally arrive she is struggling a bit with the drastic changes. If you would like to also follow her blog you can do so at: www.maryenecuador.blogspot.com She would appreciate your prayers along her journey.

We (missionaries) are not called to comfort or to success, but to obedience!

From a missionary in Iraq who died in 2004:

"Missionaries care more than some think is wise, risk more than some think is safe, dream more than some think is practical and expect more than some think is possible."

We surrender our "plan" to God -- we have to let go in order for His plan to be fulfilled!

What an awesome God we serve!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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