Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy birthday Jordan

8 years ago a very special little boy was born. His mother had just showed up at our church the Sunday before and I remember meeting her and telling her that if she didn't give birth soon she just might pop. She smiled and agreed and within the week Jordan was born.

Jordan's mother had come from a difficult past and was doing what she could to get her life straightened out for her new role as a mother. She wasn't a teenager, she had "lived" a life and as they say "been around the block a few times". She was living at our local Hannah House, a maternity home right next door to the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

When she returned to church she was carrying the cutest little boy I think I had ever seen! I sat with her a few minutes and she shared where she was living and that she was going to be working on Saturdays at the local sandwich shop across the street from Hannah House (the girls are encouraged to work after their babies are born). I offered to babysit if she needed someone and she said most of the time the other residents will help in babysitting but would call if she needed me.

Jordan ended up being our "Saturday baby" most weekends. He was such a joy and went with us wherever we were going that day. We would pick up Mom and take her to work, keep him until she was off and then pick her up again and take her home.

We all got to know one another very well. My youngest daughter, Lindsay, had a homework assignment in her photography class and so we took Jordan to the park and got some fantastic shots.

All through the years we have stayed in touch. Jordan's mom has no family and we have become a sort of replacement. It's been such a joy to us and even though we've been gone for a few of his birthdays we remember.

Last year I even got to share in his birthday cake and watch him put together a quite challenging Lego project. This year he and mom are spending the day at the fair and the park tomorrow. We will get together for a birthday lunch sometime this week.

Why do I write about this? Jordan's mother is an amazing lady in my eyes! From the day he was born she has turned her life around, lived every moment for him. She works full time and doesn't have a car. She takes a city bus that causes her to be in transit for nearly an hour. Her work is about a mile away! She donates plasma twice a week just so she can have a bit of extra to do things for him. They don't have TV, they get free movies from the library. They don't eat out, they don't go to movies, they don't have all the "things" that we have.

But . . . they have each other. They have unconditional love and you only have to be around them for a minute to realize and see it. He is her priority and no matter what -- she is doing the best she can to raise him properly. He has manners, he has rules, he has chores, he has love!

So today --- I not only say Happy 8th Birthday Jordan --- I say "good job Jordan's mom!" You are an inspiration for every mother and I pray God's richest blessings on you both!

Until next time . . . no further updates on Mary so we must go to the old saying "no news is good news" and don't forget to include her in your prayers!

Enjoy thanking God for all your blessings when you attend church tomorrow!

Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

What an inspiring story of determination and perseverance! Happy birthday to Jordan and may God continue to pour out His grace and blessings on him and his courageous momma! Thanks for sharing this!