Thursday, July 21, 2011

The salvation of IV's

They say we learn the most from our mistakes --- well . . .

I started mowing yesterday at 8am, only had one full yard and the front of another. Drank a gallon of water in the 90 minutes it took to complete both. A neighbor came over and we sat on the front porch and visited for another hour. I then decided to go and check on Monty as he was skirting a trailer in this heat and I wanted to make sure he was okay.

Grabbed a to-go cheeseburger, came home and puttered around with a couple more things (small) outside and then came in to shower. Then --- it hit me like a brick wall. The dizziness, the nausea, the inability to sweat. I immediately started drinking the Pedialite Monty brought home the night before. He came home early, showered and was napping when I realized this was going downhill fast. My trips to the bathroom started and then the chills. It was time to head to the doctor.

We have a wonderful walk in clinic less than a mile from us so away we went. By this time it was difficult to walk and keep my balance and I was shaking as if it was below zero! They knew what do do immediately and we got started. They pumped one liter of fluids in, checked my bloodwork and realized my sodium was still critically low so they pumped another liter in with some medication in that one.

It took awhile but after the second liter I could feel a difference. Balance was coming back and the chills were subsiding. It was now okay for me to go home. By this time it was after 8pm so we ordered a pizza and within the hour I was in bed. Exhausted.

I did sleep very well and maybe due to some of the meds they infused but atleast I slept.


No more mowing in this kind of weather, no matter how early I get started. I just cannot tolerate the heat like I used to. The doctors told me the heat stroke I had back in 2007 in Missisippi changed my body -- and nearly doing it again yesterday didn't help things!

So today I rest -- am still very tired. Have a couple of short errands to run, later on, and in air conditioning!

So ---- for all of you, watch the signs and don't let yourself be as stupid as me!

I thank the Lord for not only His healing hands but His forgiving hands!

Until next time . . . I'm staying inside! Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Wow Susan; glad it all turned out okay! Terry works out in this heat as well and I worry about his health. My dad had a heat stroke several years ago and he makes sure I stay in when it gets too hot. Have a restful day, my friend.