Saturday, July 09, 2011

Skirting 101

Yep -- today I was the "free"labor for Monty!

He got the mobile home re-anchored yesterday and all the railings on to be ready for the skirting. After 10 hours with the heat index quite high he was done!

Today we set out at 6am and got over two thirds of it completed before the heat just got too intense. It really looks good and I got a big lesson in just how much work goes into skirting a trailer! Monty is a perfectionist and in this case that's a really good thing! It is beautiful and straight as an arrow! We will both return very early Monday morning and should be able to finish it. VERY early is the key in this sunshine and temperatures!

Prayer updates --- please continue to pray for Ms Judy who had the hip replacement and then got an infection and needed a second surgery. They started the proper antibiotics yesterday evening and hopefully will be able to go back home in a day or two.

Also, received a note from Mary and she made it to Ecuador intact! :) One of her five bags of luggage went somewhere else but she is doing okay. She said the most difficult thing is not speaking English! Her Spanish is excellent but didn't realize how tough it is to not speak your native language hardly ever!!! Please keep her in your prayers also as this mission will not be an easy one but it will be one filled with amazing blessings and I can't wait to hear about them!

Until next time . . . give God some praise when you go to church tomorrow! Susan and Monty

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