Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Hundred Sixty Nine !!!

Tissues, bars of soap, body wash (mens and womens), shampoo, razors, toothbrushes with toothpaste, wet wipes --- and so much more!
Sunday School Missions Day was a HUGE success with a total of 169 toiletry bags packed full for Monty and I to take with us on our next journey! What a blessing these will be for those who have lost it all! Not only the things inside but the love that was packed right along side everything else! Priceless!
The items came pouring in with a donation from a local store that sent it over the top! The kids took everything and sorted like with like before starting an assembly line that many of them made repeated trips through. Some were still working long past the time for Sunday School to end. And a few parents even got in the act and caught the contagiousness of the love and laughter. One little boy even brought his own greeting cards and wanted to make sure that I knew that one family would get the most special bag of all -- his! A mission mind packed inside such a small package!
After seeing the huge outpouring of love from our little church Monty said he wants to have the next project be a fund raiser for a semi truck so we can haul everything!!! It brought quite the laugh but somehow I wonder . . . the little church that could?! No one told them they were too small, that there weren't enough members to make a difference, that they didn't have the money, etc. They believed God for a miracle and as always -- God came through and they will ALL be blessed!
We are so grateful, so overwhelmed and so loved! Amazing!
Until next time . . . what can you do to make a difference? Susan and Monty

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