Sunday, September 05, 2010

Nearly 5 years later

This morning we had the pleasure of returning to Genesis church! Pastor Dave and his congregation were instrumental in getting us started in this ministry nearly 5 years ago and it was great to return and see some old faces and also new.

When we committed to this disaster mission work we initially committed to one year! We had borrowed one of my brothers campers and were concerned as to how we would get it to Mississippi as we did not have a vehicle to pull it. Pastor Dave had volunteered their church van if someone from the congregation would volunteer to take us - and it - down south.

As I was looking for Monty after the service I was excited because I had quite a few people interested in making that drive.

Little did either of us know that God had the ultimate plan -- as always!

Monty was standing with a gentleman who was pulling a key from his key ring -- the key to a '95 Ford truck that was built to pull. In my narrow mindedness I was wondering how we would get the truck back to the gentleman after we dropped the camper! :)

He was giving the truck to us -- not wanting it to return!!! Isn't God awesome!

And here we are nearly 5 years later, still with the truck and back to Genesis with the ability to properly thank all of them for their prayers and their love and their support!

What an awesome God we serve and what a blessing that church has been to us!

Until next time . . . how will God amaze you? Susan and Monty

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