Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not as old as he thought!

Monty awoke this morning singing Happy Birthday to himself and was thrilled when he realized he was a year younger than he thought!!!!

Yes, he's only 46 and thought he was 47! Born in 1964 -- you do the math!

Anyway, he had a great day. We had breakfast with his parents and were able to spend some time just sitting on our back deck, enjoying the perfect weather and nice breeze. He decided to spend some time with his best friends during the afternoon while I headed to church to work on a service project for the Sunday School kids, and the entire congregation over the next couple of weeks. It was also nice for me to get to spend some time talking with Pastor Dave (face to face instead of over the phone) which made me nearly late in getting home!

I was able to get home just in time for my mom to arrive. She had called, knowing it was Monty's birthday, and wanted to come and spend the evening with us. I got ahold of my daughter and her kids (photo) and they joined us for dinner. Luke opened our meal with his prayer from preschool using both the one for lunch and the one for snacks! A double blessing! We spent most of the time laughing with the kids and when Luke decided to sing Happy Birthday solo style to Monty it brought a combination of tears and laughter! He was so sincere I know it was the best birthday song Monty has ever had!

After dinner they decided to come back to our house and play for a short time. The kids are amazed with our dogs since they are small and their dog is a gigantically huge chocolate lab! When our dogs start running the kids crack up! The photo above was priceless as they all decided to give a thumbs up as a happy birthday sign!

Days that make us so very happy to be home with family! Days of priceless blessings that come from our most loving Father in heaven! One very blessed birthday -- number 46!!!!!

Until next time . . . cherish your own family! God gave them to you! Susan and Monty

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