Tuesday, September 21, 2010

God's Plan

We've had alot of questions as to where we are going next and when. Our answer remains the same "where and when God calls us."

When we originally planned our sabbatical we were thinking in terms of the summer home. But God . . .

Here we are mid way through September and I have been wondering why God isn't calling? As I was having a conversation with Pastor Dave last week I felt God was telling us (and showing us) that we were to focus on families during the month of September and that is why He wasn't calling us out just yet. God really sent that message home with me over this past weekend! My, oh my did He ever! And I am so thankful!

As we all know, relationships with family "should" be all loving, supporting, understanding and forgiving! NOT!! We live in the real world filled with sin and sometimes -- just sometimes -- that isn't the case.

Leaving families behind as we do can add to that list above! This month of September has brought healing like never before! I chose to not go into detail as detail isn't the important thing. Healing is! Love is! Supporting is! Understanding is! Forgiving is!

I thank God with all my heart that His plan is the plan we have chosen to follow -- even though we can't see what is ahead we have committed ourselves to whatever His plan is!

And my, oh my are we blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . how's your family? Susan and Monty

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