Friday, August 20, 2010

Those priceless phone calls

Over the years we have orientated who knows how many teams of volunteers and met who knows how many folks who ask us "what do you need?" Our answer is -- and always will be -- the most important thing you can do is pray for us! "And when you feel that little tug to give us a call -- make the call!" It's always a God thing!

Just the other night one very special man did just that -- he made the call!

Big Joe from West Virginia was looking for someone elses phone number when he found the sheet of paper had a fold in it. When he opened the fold he found my number and decided to call and check in. It was such a blessing to hear from him and to know he still thought of us.

We haven't seen Big Joe since March of 2008 when we did the Speed Build for Ms Ollie (you can go back into the blog archives and read about it). We talked about both the Speed Builds we have done and how much we all learned with each one.

Even while Monty and I were in Texas his team built a 3rd build in March of 2009. Joe was sad as he told me that the gentleman they built that home for had passed away. We talked about all the fun and challenges of building that first one for Ms Faye.

It's amazing how God plans everything out -- to the detail -- and all we have to do is be obedient to listen and follow.

Thanks Big Joe -- for being obedient and making that call and making my day!

Until next time . . . who should you call? Susan and Monty

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