Saturday, August 07, 2010

She felt as though she "won the lottery"

In her own words Trisha said she felt like she had "won the lottery" today!

Trisha is one of our next door neighbors who is unable to be outside for any period of time due to a medical condition. Her yard, shrubs, trees and things had gotten so overgrown that it was nearly impossible to even see her house. Last week Monty had stopped by to visit her and volunteered our services in getting her yard back in shape.

Amy and Rodney heard the story and wanted to get involved. Amy has a heart for missions and this is something that she feels called to do. Why not start with Trisha's house? And then they knew of another friend, Tiana, who would also like to help. And before the day was over we had the other neighbors, Jim and son Josh, who jumped in to help! The more the merrier!

We trimmed, we cut, we shaped, we dug, we pulled, we poured, we raked . . . on and on the entire day until it was transformed and a big smile was all across Trisha's face as she posed for the photo with Amy and Rodney!

During the day she was inside looking out windows as we worked and even said she felt like the queen watching us work! God's will for sure!

We all enjoyed doing this small thing for her. Amy and Rodney along with Tiana got their first experience in helping others -- just for the sake of helping -- no agenda. Tiana even got a blister -- through her gloves! Now that's some hard working!

Monty even let Josh use the blower to clean out the back of the truck when we were done and he was excited beyond words!

All just to help! All to the glory of God! And all had smiles and felt the blessing that comes from being helped and from helping!

Until next time . . . try it for yourself! You'll smile too! Susan and Monty

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