Monday, August 02, 2010

Rest??? Maybe August???

Can't believe it's August already!!!!!

As you can see by the pics we are doing everything we can to get ourselves ready to go back into the field when needed. I spent the entire afternoon priming our back deck--what a job! I had already used a belt sander and sanded it down to the original wood. It had never been primed and each time we painted it just peeled off -- so this time I wanted to do it right! What a thought! After this deck is completed I will move to the front one, which includes the shutters and trim around the front door. This is my "summer" project and it's going to take me all summer just to get it done! :)

Monty has been under the hood of both trucks for days now. First the old white Ford needed front end work done and now it's headed to the shop this week for transmission work! Ouch! Then the old red Ford took a dive and he's been able to do that work himself -- and work it is! He made some good progress today and it might be "done" in another day! It's part of the package when you have older vehicles!

Yesterday we spent the day in Columbus where we attended church with my parents and got to greet everyone coming in. It was great to see everyone and even greater to join them in their church picnic at the city park in the afternoon! They are all so good about keeping us in their prayers and those prayers are what keep us going!

This week we will preparing for being in our own Vineyard church Sunday. We have been asked to speak to all the Sunday School kids, the elementary age ones. We have been putting together pictures to show them a bit more about disaster ministry and all that is involved with it. It's always fun to speak to kids and open the floor for their questions! "Out of the mouths of babes."

We did receive a thank you from Janey this weekend. She thanked everyone who had worked on the rebuilding of their home. She said Logan left this world knowing their home had been restored and that Janey would be fine. The flowers from the Canadian team were beautiful and warmed her heart! Thanks team!

Rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes . . . what an awesome God we serve!

Until next time . . . remember your prayers! Susan and Monty

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