Sunday, August 29, 2010

Open House

Very first thing -- today is the 5 year anniversary of hurricane Katrina so let's be sure and keep all those who are still working to rebuild in our prayers! Can you believe it's been 5 years?

The photo above shows you the completed work on the front of our home! The deck is now completely repainted, the shutters are up and the front door area also has a new coat of new color paint! This has been my summer project and I can now say that it is done! And from the looks of all the action in the tropics --- not a minute too soon!

Yesterday we opened our home to all our friends and family. So many folks have said they would like to get together with us while we are home and with only a limited amount of time (and not knowing when that limit is ended) we decided to host our own open house where they could stop by, eat some good food and spend some time with us and the rest of the crowd. And crowd it was! We were thrilled that so many came by! They have no idea how much it means to us! No idea! We packed the house from mid afternoon till nearly midnight and it was awesome!

The other picture is our dogs -- the morning after! They were so exhausted after trying to keep up with everyone yesterday that this morning they didn't move! And yes -- they sleep with all those blankets -- no matter what the temperature outside! Kids!!!!

And now we wait -- we watch the tropics -- and see where God will lead us next. We continue to get the questions of where we will go next and when? Watch the weather and you will know as soon as we do! God has a plan and we stay in prayer waiting to hear where and when. He is our perfect guide and we will wait . . .

Until next time . . . thanks for your prayers! Susan and Monty

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