Monday, August 09, 2010


Just got a few photos from the Sams Club Rally! This was one of the better ones.

Yesterday was our day to speak to all the Sunday School kids at our home Vineyard Church! What a blast! Opening up the session for questions was amazing! They were great!

We started out asking them what a disaster was and to our delight they had a good handle on the word and described different types of disasters. From there we led into how we live while in the field, what we do and what it takes to get it done and how everything is possible because of God's help and their prayers for us. We had a poster of photos and a couple of videos that really seemed to touch their hearts. It's always fun for us to share our mission and to be able to share it with children is extra special! Hopefully some of them will think more about missions and have a bit of a different thought when the term "missionary" is used.

Today we were blessed to babysit for a very special little boy. Over 7 years ago we met Rhonda at our church and it was more than obvious that if she didn't give birth soon she just might explode. The following week she did just that -- gave birth that is -- to a beautiful little boy. She was struggling to make ends meet and her job had her scheduled for quite a few Saturdays. Jordan became our "Saturday baby" and we loved it. Over the years we have always stayed in touch and see them whenever we can. Today we got the opportunity to have him spend the day with us. We took him to the local pool and watched him show us all he had learned about swimming. We all 3 "raced" from side to side and laughed so much we all had trouble getting our breath! It's just amazing to watch him grow up and it's such a blessing for us in doing so! Alot of single moms out there have trouble making ends meet, having enough time to spend on their kids and themselves and need a shoulder, a smile or just a hug. We thank God for placing them in our lives and can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us!

Until next time . . . some Mom out there could use your help! Susan and Monty

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