Sunday, August 15, 2010

Down and Back -- Quickly

Sorry for the delay in letting you know what's happening here. Time once again got away from me.

We have been swamped with "things" going on. This past week we took 3 days and went to Alabama to check in with our missions training school which is also our sending agency. Thanks to my parents we were able to rent a car (can't rent if you don't own a credit card and we don't) so the trip was a bit easier. We drove the 12 hours down, stayed for a few hours and made the 12 hour trip back. The weather was less than cooperative, we hit the remnants of the tropical depression moving north through Alabama and drove through rain that made it nearly impossible to see the front of your own car! Then we hit another terrific storm in Louisville, Kentucky but were able to wait it out in one of the local truck stops.

In between time we were able to have dinner at my parents' house with one of our UMCOR superivsors, Alan, and his family. They were visiting in a city near my parents so we all got together and had a wonderful evening of stories and catching up. It was so good to see them again and difficult to once again say goodbye. Thanks to my amazing Mom who cooked dinner for all of us so we didn't have to sit in a restaurant and be looked at by the waitress wondering just how much longer we would be sitting there!

During our time at my parents we also dropped off my truck -- we have it up for sale! Ouch! I have found myself very emotionally attached to that truck and have to put being practical over being emotional! I have always kidded teams that someday my truck would grow up into a full size one -- and it did! Now it has to go and sitting at my parents house which is right in the heart of an industrial area will hopefully get that job done. (It still hurts though) :)

Today we were thrilled to attend church and have 4 generations with us -- Monty's mother, his sister, her daughter and her baby daughter! It was the first time we got to meet the new baby who is now 14 months old -- what a cutie! It was so good to have the family sitting together and thanking God for all our blessings! Hopefully they will come back sometime soon?!

This afternoon I got to spend time with my daughter and grandchildren. I hadn't seen them in a couple of weeks and it's amazing to see how quickly they change! Seeing their smiles when they realize I am there and feeling their hugs and kisses is absolutely priceless!

This week promises to be a busy one. We have trucks that need repairs and will be working on that. We have a couple of doctor appointments that are long overdue. One of my daughters has a birthday. Monty's dad has a birthday. We have an anniversary! Has it really been 12 years? I still have a front deck to paint along with shutters to put on the house. We have a dinner invite to some of our church friends house with all their family. We also have an invite to go with a group from church to some famous auction house one evening.

All that keeps the clock ticking way too fast. Time is moving way too quickly. And all the while we keep our eyes peeled to the weather -- watching the tropics, the winds and the depressions wondering which one will change into a storm?

God holds the time table and all we can do is wait for His calling, His direction and His path.

In the meantime I think we need to look up the definition for "sabbatical" as I know we aren't doing what it says we should be doing! Ha! Ha!

Until next time . . . our days are numbered and they sure do fly by too fast! Susan and Monty

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