Thursday, February 28, 2008


Stepfund's house is now completely gutted on the inside. The team did a wonderful job, they even cut all the electrical and made it ready for the electrician to come in. We have always "preached" that a clean job is a safe job and this team did an awesome job in making it a safe job! We thank them and we thank Nate for sending them to us!

Ms Mercy has 5 windows that need replaced in her home but the framing must be replaced before the windows get installed. She also has transition strips on her laminate flooring that need installed. What a lady! Not only does she have her own handicapped granddaughter, she cares for her 2 great-grandchildren who are both babies, only 9 months between them! And she waits patiently "for God's timing."

Mr Coleman will have volunteers back in his home next week. They will continue the sheetrock process.

Mr Chestang also patiently awaits people to work on the ceiling sheetrock in his home along with some soffit issues and a back door frame needing replaced.

Ms Hope continues working on her home, she's painting her bedrooms and we will be delivering her bed framing and putting it together for her before this day is over.

Mr Nash is also waiting for a couple of rooms in his home to be sheetrocked and completed.

I could go on and on and on but I think you get the picture. Person after person, family after family . . . they continue to call for help and we continue to do what we can to help them. The numbers on our board climb faster than we can get them moved to the "done" side of the board.

We are thrilled that our Iowa team will be arriving this Sunday evening! They will be divided into 2 teams and will each have a home that they will bring to completion. And as a special "surprise" to them (they won't know this unless they are reading the blog) we have planned dedications on both homes at the end of the week! Both homeowners will be thrilled! These dedications will be in both the newspapers and the television stations. News like this gives others hope that they just might be the next ones! News like this always sends out a huge thank you to God! ALL the praise and thanks MUST go back to Him! It's a couple more opportunities to see God in action! And once again, we are blessed to be here to see Him in all His glory!

Until tomorrow . . . give God some of your own praise! Susan and Monty

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