Monday, February 04, 2008

Mardi Gras or Work???

Welcome to the office, which is also located inside of a temporary facility. We have been blessed to find ourselves working with a great group of people whose only "agenda" is to help the people recover from the storm.
Monty and I were busy checking homes today. We had to pick up a washer and dryer from one home and deliver it to another. The first home probably should have been condemned and demolished but a team of volunteers went in with big hearts and started rebuilding. By the time this home is done the homeowner will have a wonderful home! Both homes next to this one will be demolished but this homeowner will be able to watch that demolition from the comfort of their new home!
We delivered the washer and dryer to a home near the water. This home had to be raised high in the air due to the new flood levels. A team of Amish volunteers from Pennsylvania are working there this week. I am always amazed at the high quality of work they do! No corners are cut, no "easy ways" are invented, they do their best and it shows! It won't be long and this homeowner will also be enjoying their "high and lifted" up view on their subdivision.
Our next home needed a "punch list" to prepare it for occupancy. There is still quite a bit to be done but most of it small things. The vinyl flooring needs glued down, the base trim needs installed along with the appliances and crown molding around the ceilings throughout the home. Cleaning is a top priority also. We have a fantastic team from Iowa who will be returning to work with us the first of March so we are saving this one for them. They will also be finishing Virgil's home getting it ready for occupancy. We are so excited to have this team coming as they have worked with us many times and always do quality work!
At this mornings weekly meeting I was blessed to run into Maury, Rosemary's brother! He is now working for the Red Cross and attending the meetings. He informed me that Rosemary is in the process of getting moved into their new home. Her mother is still in the FEMA trailer but they are making progress. It was awesome to see him and to also hear he and his wife purchased a home and will be doing all of the renovation work on it themselves! The one thing Maury asked me when I first met him was if he could work with the volunteers on his sister's home so he could learn about construction. Boy oh boy did he learn --- and now look what he is doing with that knowledge!!
Before the end of the week we will be visiting the locations where we will be able to house our volunteers. As soon as we get that done I will post the details so all teams already scheduled will know and those of you in the thinking or planning stages can also know. We are so thankful to these locations for continuing to house volunteers and for welcoming ours.
A couple of medical updates; Diane's mother is now home from the hospital and although weak, she is recovering nicely. Monty's uncle is still hospitalized and the procedure to sever the nerves to the pancreas seems to have worked. Please pray for his family as this is extremely difficult on all of them.
We will not be working tomorrow as it is "Fat Tuesday" here and everything is closed!! One of those regional holidays we aren't used to but this is our 3rd one!! Can't believe we have been here that long!! Wednesday we will have double the work but that's why we are here. The sooner we get it done the sooner homeowners will actually be able to say they are "home"!!
Blessings until the next time . . . Susan and Monty

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