Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We answered her prayers

Meet Ms Darlene and her house, or what is soon to become a house. She lost her original home in the storm, completely washed away. She then purchased this one, also damaged, and has been in the process of trying to make it a home for over 2 years now. She has a couple of sheds in the back that also are in need of repairs.
Ms Darlene is a widow who now has a mortgage until she turns 89 years old!! Think about that for a minute, can she retire, can she ever "not work"? That is what is happening all over the Gulf Coast!
In March we have 3 teams of volunteers coming to be a blessing. One team is from our home church and they will be taking on this home as their project for the week! They are literally an answer to prayer!
When Monty and I visited here this morning Ms Darlene was telling me the story of yesterday. She awoke feeling very low, lower than usual and with an overwhelming sense that she would never be in her home. Mr Art (in the photo) is a local electrician who has become like family to Monty and I and he has, singlehandly, been working on her home. She knew he was working to be best of his ability but also knew he needed extra hands. She said she was driving to work and praying, pleading with God, to send some help. When she arrived at work she was looking down and saw a white feather. She scooped it up and knew it was the sign she had prayed for. When she got home she was telling this story to Mr Art and he then told her that just that morning Monty had called him, checking to see how he was doing, and Mr Art told Monty the story of Ms Darlene. Monty told Mr Art we would be there first thing this morning to look at things and see what we could do to help.
The rest is history! When Ms Darlene told me this story she was in tears! This team will be the answer to her prayer!
There are people and families all along this coast line in the same shape. We find them every day and it is our prayer that the people will come to help us -- to help us help them!
Please keep Ms Darlene, Mr Art and this team in your prayers. And pray that we are not only able to meet those needing help, but that we will be able to supply that help and in doing so bring them the blessings of our Lord!
Until next time . . . "LET'S GO VINEYARD TEAM"!!!! Susan and Monty

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Anonymous said...

Thank God for people like you so willing to give to others,From your hearts!!Ms. Darlene just happens to be my FAVORITE AUNT! She is such a fine person. She has always thought of everyone else before herself. Thank you soo much for your help and prayers! You have made a difference in her life!