Monday, February 25, 2008

Retired? No such thing!

Welcome to Stepfund's home.
The front view you see is the "good" side!
The team from the Presbytarian relief effort is spending today helping Stepfund pack his things and get them into storage.
They are also the ones starting the gut out process. That process will last most of the week. From all appearance thus far we might be able to keep the existing roof and the framing inside appears to be in better shape than we thought. There is some termite damage in one area where the water came in and settled after the storm but that is an easy repair.
We did discover, not to our surprise, that there is no insulation in the walls of the home! You can imagine both the heat and the cooling going right through the walls and out into the city! And the bills were outrageous! After we get finished that won't be a problem any longer! The homeowner will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer -- both of which will have the homeowner in shock! And when the bills come in they will be double shocked!
If you take a good look at the couple in the blue shirts you might want to rethink any idea that you are too old to do anything! They retired at age 50, joined the Peace Corps and have been in missions ever since -- and he is 87 years old!! Yes, 87!! They came here a year ago and realized the need and had to come back again this year! They are in their RV and plan on parking it in front of Stepfund's house tonight -- just to keep an eye on the place! They have hearts for the people and just want to do what they can to help! He was working on the electrical when we stopped by this afternoon!
It never ceases to amaze me -- how God touches people and they are changed! And then they turn around and use those changed hearts to reach the world, one person at a time and thus change the world! The smiles on their faces light up the entire block!
I have no idea what I will be like if God allows me to reach the age of 87 but I pray I will be half the servant this couple is! My hat goes off to them, my heart goes out to them and my prayers go up for them! I have no doubt that God has some special jewels awaiting them when they get to heaven --- but He might have to wait awhile to bestow them on them --- they are too busy blessing others to go to heaven at the moment!
Wonder what the world would be like if everyone had a heart like that . . .
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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