Friday, February 15, 2008

At peace, at last

Yes, we received word last evening that Monty's uncle is finally resting in peace!

We want to thank all of you who kept him and his family in your prayers. As I said before, Monty had the blessing of knowing his uncle had repented and actually baptizing him and his wife and children while we were home. No matter what we might have done in our past, as long as we acknowledge our sins and repent and ask God to come into our heart we are promised a place in heaven! What an amazing God we have! Aren't we ALL glad that God doesn't keep a tally sheet or hold a grudge!

We have been more than busy the past couple of days with estimates on homes that are in need. We have gone into so many just to list everything that is needed to bring the home to completion and have the family back into a real home again! Sometimes these estimates are quite small and easily done. And then there are those who take hours, alot of ink and are very detailed. Then comes the trip to the vendors to get estimates for all the materials. Detailing is of the utmost importance as once the estimates have been completed and the "search" for funding starts there can't be changes.

The paperwork is the easy part, seeing the faces and hearing their stories takes emotional work and shows the hand of God in so many ways! Each new day brings a new miracle and we are so very blessed to be here and be "vessels" that God can use!

Being here brings up something that we feel must be addressed. It's not something we like to bring up but . . .

Hopefully ALL of you know and realize that we are volunteering here on the coast, and anywhere we might be. We are not financially "sent" by any one church who makes sure we meet our budget and get our bills paid. We have been, and continue to be, supported strictly by the loving hearts of people such as yourselves who understand our calling and send what they can. We do not receive compensation for what we are doing, we do not expect to. That is not why we are here. God called us and He promises to provide. We stand firm on that promise.

But . . . He also tells us "we do not have because we do not ask" -- thus my point! The funding we had seems to have hit a wall and nearly ceased to exist. We are facing some tough times and they might get tougher as my truck is in need of some repairs which could get quite costly. From the beginning we have only asked that we be able to pay our bills, keep our home in Indiana and eat. God is good --- we have been paying our bills, our home is still in our name and we haven't missed a meal -- God is really good!! But . . . it has been brought to our attention that we might need to let people know what is going on --- so we did!

As always, our funding is going through our sending agency. For every single donation, whether it is a special gift or a monthly commitment, you receive a tax deduction statement AND our deepest thanks. The info is listed below and if you have any questions please either call us or leave a comment (with your info) on this blog.

We thank you, we love you and we pray you have a wonderful weekend! Susan and Monty

All donations go to: The IRS requires a SEPARATE notation with our names on it, not written on the donation itself!

International Gospel Outreach (IGO)

PO Box 1008

Semmes, AL 36575

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