Monday, February 18, 2008

Houses, houses, houses

Thought some of you might like to see Dane's house, all done, FEMA trailers gone and once again he has a real home! His wife is in the specially designed bedroom and no doubt enjoying the sunlight coming in those windows!

MANY thanks to ALL of you who spent your time, effort, sweat and love on this house!! Seeing it all done warms the heart.

We have been in and out of houses today. A team from California is working on one here locally. Once they get the sheetrock done they will be very close to getting it done. We were talking with this team this morning and they are a team of 42 with 30 of them returning for atleast the 4th time! Amazing how some people just keep coming back and coming back!

We were also in a couple more homes to see what it will take to get them done. The first one will be a challenge, either way we go. The decision must be weighed as to gut and rebuild it or take it down and build a new one. These decisions are difficult and not made without checking all resources available. As we stood in that small area we realized that nearly every home looked like this one! Makes us stop and think at just how much still needs done!

Another home has the sheetrock hung but there are questions with the electric. The homeowner had over 6 feet of water in the home and even though she has the newer wiring it still must be inspected by an electrician for safety. Once that is done we can make further decisions and hopefully have her in her home before too long. She has been staying with her mother and says after this long a few more months won't matter; they are "making it work."

Thousands are still in the same situation, or worse!

On another note, please pray for our dear friend at home, Joe. His mother passed away this morning. Joe has dedicated over half his life caring for his mother and this loss will leave an enormous hole in his heart! Once again, times like this make it difficult to be so far from home and family!

Until next time; don't forget to count your blessings!! Susan and Monty

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