Saturday, December 30, 2006

We're Back

Yes, we finally made it back to Mississippi! It took alot longer than we expected seeing as how nearly the entire northern part of the US also packed up and headed south after Christmas!

It was amazing, over 2 hours to get through Nashville, TN along with delay after delay. Throw in an accident where an 18 wheeler jack-knifes on the interstate and you have quite the journey!

The temperatures here sure are alot better than elsewhere! Today was in the 70s. Storms that tore up quite a bit in Louisianna have nearly blown themselves out this evening so hopefully we won't be drowned with the huge rainfalls and 80 mph winds they predicted.

It felt good to be back. We stopped in and visited our Convoy of Hope station to the north of us and they have filled their lots with RVs. Many of the RV Maps people are either already here or in route. This will be an added blessing for us as they are mostly skilled and willing to work solo or join in when we have teams.

Speaking of teams -- thanks for the prayers. Our month of February is nearly filled to capacity and rolling into March! If you are thinking of scheduling a team this info might be helpful. We are so excited at the thought of continuing the rebuilding of homes by the rebuilding of lives.

It will be nice to reconnect with our homeowners that we were busy working with a few weeks ago. Monty and I have been here so long that it was like "coming home" in a way. We both enjoyed our time away and our time with family and friends but found ourselves also feeling as though we had no purpose while we were away. I think it's another of those "God - things" He places in our hearts when we are busy following His calling!

We did spend some time with our families -- thus the photo above. That is our grandson!!! Meet Luke who is now 19 months old! Isn't he adorable! He is the son of our middle daughter and her husband. Seeing him, and seeing all 3 of my children was the greatest gift I could have received! PRICELESS! That's for sure!

Tomorrow brings the last day of yet another year. What an amazing year it has been, one that is truly impossible to describe. Hopefully you have been reading the blog for that is the only way you would truly understand what I mean by my statement! Make sure you continue reading as I know that 2007 will bring even more stories of hope, stories of life and even more miracles! I've said it before and will continue .... God is moving here on the coast! God is fulfilling His plan for not only the Gulf Coast but for the world!

We thank you for coming along with us this past year and pray you have a safe, a happy and an even more blessed New Year!

Yea God! Boo devil! Susan and Monty

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Jack said...

Hi guys, Great to hear your time home was refreshing. Every once and a while we all need that time. Luke is beautiful. We are looking forward to coming down again. We will keep you posted. Your in our hearts and prayers.
Yea God Boo Devil!
Jack and Sue New Jersey