Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's getting closer

Yes, it must be the Christmas season as there are decorations everywhere we look. Most of the time the days just turn into other days and I have no idea what the calendar date is but with all of the "reminders" at this time of year I do know "the" day is getting closer.

Today has been an exciting day! Even though we are away from the coast for some business the telephone calls continue to come in. Today we have already received word from 3 teams that are planning on coming to volunteer after the first of the year! THIS is what we need to hear!

One team is coming from our hometown area. They are planning on an instate mission trip this year and should be coming around the end of January or the first of February.

Another team will number near the 150 total, yes, 150 volunteers! We haven't seen those numbers for who knows how long! They will be coming the last of March into the first week of April. Needless to say, we are FULL for that week! They are mixed with skills so that should be some kind of extra ordinary week for sure!

The third team will be coming from Illinois. They will be arriving around the third week of January.

These are the kind of phone calls and emails that we need to hear! So many times people ask us "how long will you be doing what you are doing?" and the only response is, "for as long as the volunteers keep coming." Convoy of Hope is committed to continue and so are Monty and I. We don't know where this will lead. We don't know the direction God has planned for any of us. The one thing we do know is that the need is still there, the people still need help and hope, their homes still need rebuilt and they still need us (you).

I will admit that doing what we did back about a year ago, quitting our jobs, walking away from our insurance... was a leap of faith! But God never calls anyone into anything without the promise that He will provide. That He has done! (and we doubted?!) But as for letting us know where our future lies ... He only lets us know what we need to know on a "need to know" basis. We are committed to listening to His calling and just being obedient and following wherever it is He leads us. We are thankful that Convoy shares our hearts!

I have a special prayer request. One of our Convoy leaders needs some special prayers. Cindi has somehow managed to injure her shoulder. She went to the doctor and has learned it is something called a "frozen" shoulder. The only treatment for it is aggressive therapy. Due to the fact that they are constantly on the road with their jobs, the therapy thing isn't possible. She did receive a shot and some exercises to do but could really use your prayers for complete healing. We all know that what we are doing can take a toll on our bodies. Once again we also know that with God nothing is impossible and everything is in His almighty plan. Please include Cindi in your prayers so she, along with the rest of us, can continue working to the best of our abilities.

Please pray for all of the residents on the Gulf Coast who are, for the 2nd year in a row, still not in their homes. They ALL need our prayers! With the suicide rate up 900% along the coast, prayer really isn't an option!

Until the next time we are in a wireless area and can write ..... Blessings, Susan and Monty

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