Friday, December 01, 2006

This beautiful photo taken at Bellingrath Gardens by Diane a couple of months ago is about the only thing of beauty that I have seen this week!

It seems my health has taken one nasty turn after another. Now I am in a full scale war against the flu and it's still a toss up as to who will win!

To top things off, our temperatures also took a nose dive last night! Now I will admit, it's not nearly as cold (or white) as it is back home for us, but it's still in the mid 30s at night and inside a camper trailer that's a bit nippy! I give up trying to maintain any temps in the camper with a fever that has me hot one minute then cold the next. Even the dogs wonder what in the world is going on!

We did get the final papers on the grant project for Mike and Faye completed. This afternoon we stopped by and got the last piece of paper. We also took them some Christmas decorations! Faye's brother bought them a small tree with the lights already on it and she had it decorated with her favorite, poinsettias. She said the only thing she wanted on it was the white ornaments shaped like glass balls. Simple, we thought, and we promised her we would see what we could do. We spanned the cities from the east of us to the west of us and finally came up with 2 boxes of white! We also threw in some "extras" to spruce up their FEMA trailer a bit more. Just because you are living in a FEMA trailer doesn't mean it shouldn't be decorated for the birth of our Savior! Mike was feeling a bit rough as he had dialysis yesterday and was also feeling a bit fluish at the same time! Seeing the Ole Miss football decoration for his tree did put a smile on his face! (Monty was thinking of him!) :)

I thank all of you who have been praying for me and ask that you keep them going! I'm managing to use up each and every one!

PS We just heard that the semi loads of furniture coming from the west coast will be on their way and it sounds as though this is some really nice furniture!!!

Until tomorrow ...... Susan and Monty

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