Monday, December 04, 2006

Ready to "rock"

Okay, who dropped the bottom out of the temps? This isn't funny! This is supposed to be "far" south? Tonight it's to get below 30 --- am I having a nightmare!!?? :)

It was a bit on the more than nippy side today, atleast for down here. But the sun was out and after tonight we should be okay. Thank goodness for the little box like ceramic heater Monty got for our camper trailer! It keeps it quite toasty!

I finally felt better today! After being down for 9 days it had just about gotten the best of me but never fail, I am back now! I didn't even lay down once today (wasn't really time anyway)

This morning we received a phone call saying the semi with 918 sheets of sheetrock was on its way to arrive at the warehouse within an hour. We haven't seen that much sheetrock in quite a few months! Thanks Convoy, it will be put to good use! Monty had the entire load unloaded, incident free! It's always nice to have the driver be the kind of person who doesn't mind joining in the work of unloading. And it's even nicer to have that driver leave with a smile on his face!

By late afternoon we were back at the warehouse with those people scheduled to be blessed with some furniture. They loved the look of their new dressers, mirrors, entertainment center, desks and twin beds. I never tire of seeing the surprised looks on their faces when they arrive and fully realize that it is FREE, no strings attached!

Before we could have them loaded we received word that another semi load of furniture will be arriving tomorrow afternoon! This also looks to be bedroom furniture from out west. Monty got busy scheduling the men from Mercy House to come and help get it unloaded as these trucks have to be unloaded by hand. Those men are always glad to help and will be "on hold" until they get an exact time of delivery. And soon after the delivery is unloaded we will once again be reaching out to those in need of furniture. The blessings come in so they can go out so they can come back in again. It's the kind of merry go round that we love to be on! We would like to extend a VERY SPECIAL thank you to Steve S. up in the great state of Washington for everything he has been, and will continue to do, to get this furniture down here to those suffering so much after hurricane Katrina! It's just a shame he can't see all the faces and hear the thanks himself! It's a shame YOU can't see and hear them also!

Until tomorrow .... keep warm and God keep you healthy..... Susan and Monty

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