Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blessing the survivors!

Our day started and ended at the warehouse!

Family after family was able to receive blessings in the way of complete bedroom sets all during the day. Furniture that they never thought they would have, furniture they all watched wash away during the storm! And to be able to put something!! back into their homes, before Christmas!! Like I have said before, God is awesome and we are so thankful to be here, watching God work on a daily basis!

I have a personal plea I would like to put out over the air waves --- if you have been here volunteering with a team, would you please contact me? The first of the new year is fast approaching and I would like to talk to you. If you were the team leader, you have my number. If you came along, get my number from your team leader.

I also want to let you know that over the next days the blog will "come and go". We have some business that we need to take care of and that business is going to keep me off line most of the time. Business does keep going, even if it is holiday season. People don't stop needing help just because the calendar has a special day marked on it. But at times we do need to get some added things taken care of so please be patient with us during these next days!

PS to Jack, Sue, Pastor Mike and Trish --- THANK YOU so much for the power point and testimonies! WOW!! You all are awesome and we, along with the victims of the storm, would like to thank you for the special love you have for all of us down here! We WILL be in touch!

May God bless each and every one of you!

Until our next entry ..... Susan and Monty

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Cathy from PA Team said...

Monty & Susan,I sit here with tears in mye eyes as I read of what God is doing in Mississippi. I wish I could be there to help! My team is planning to come back and we can't wiat. It is exciting to see what is happening with Mike & Faye. Please send them our love.Cathy from the PA team.