Tuesday, December 05, 2006


It's been a rather busy day, that's for sure!

The temps dropped low enough last night that we almost got concerned about the hose that delivers the water to our trailer. Even though being located on the south side of the back of a shopping center had it's drawbacks due to heat during the summer, we are glad to be there during the winter. We were protected just enough for things to all be fine. Not so with the case of our Convoy leaders just a few miles to the north. They awoke during the night to discover their lines had frozen solid and were making the necessary insulation changes today! The temps really change when you get directly off the coast line like where we are. Just a couple of miles can make a big difference!

Monty spent nearly the entire day at the warehouse. The furniture delivery was to come sometime between noon and 3pm and things inside the warehouse had to be shifted around in order to make room for the incoming supplies. The men from Mercy House were there by 1:30 ready and willing to get the truck unloaded as soon as it arrived. Then came the call from the driver saying he was nearly 2 hours away! The men were just happy to be next to the water watching the wildlife come and go, seeing some of God's creatures that come around this time of year.

The truck did finally arrive and what an awesome load it brought! Some of the nicest bedroom furnishings we have seen to date! There are headboards of all sorts, matching dressers, armoirs, night tables, even king and queen mattress sets! Come to find out this is the truck that was to have arrived a couple of months ago so his timing was off more than we thought!! :)

The men had it all unloaded, organized and ready to be sent out in about an hour. We are so thankful to Danny and his men for always being ready to help us when we need it. By the time everything was done it was time for the day to end. The sun sets at 4:57pm down here so dark comes rather quickly.

We will be returning tomorrow morning to start sending out the blessings!

I want to send out a special "thank you" to one of our hometown churches, Life Church. Thanks to Bob and his family who conducted the toy drive for us down here. We received the gifts today and want to thank you for everything you did, for thinking of all the kids down here and for taking time from your own lives to bless the coast. The toys will be used at The Refuge Christmas outreach next Saturday and will bring many smiles to both children and their parents alike! Bless you for all you did!

Until tomorrow ..... Susan and Monty

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