Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Oh What A Tangled Web . . .

As I pulled back into our driveway from this mornings bus route I noticed one of the biggest and hairiest spiders ever webbing itself from my lilac bush to the neighboring flower.  It made me shudder!  I'm not a big fan of spiders and have noticed more these past days than I think ever before.  They are everywhere -- all over my flowers and shrubs!

The big black spider this morning made me think of something.  The phrase "oh, what a tangled web we weave . . ." came to mind.

God is not the author of confusion!  This is scriptural.  But my, oh my, can life get confusing.  Like some of the spider webs I've seen -- going this way and that with no real pattern or reasoning.

Life can get that way so easily! 

We are currently in one of those "webs" and I don't like it.  I feel like the little bug that just happened to be going by and got one little toe caught in the web and before I even realized it --- my whole self got sucked in!

But somewhere in that "web" is truth!  It has to be there!  But how does one find it?  How does one know it even if it is found? 

Another old saying of "there's always two side to a story and somewhere between them is the truth" is also appropriate right now. 

It comes back to that word --- TRUTH!

Do we even recognize truth anymore?  Seems our society has made it more and more difficult to see or feel. 

All I can do while in this web is pray that God will continue reigning on His throne and working His almighty and perfect plan to His goal.  I know THAT is truth --- scripture says so and that is what I will continue to stand on!  Looking to His Word I will atleast read truth and get the pure definition!

For those of you thoroughly confused about this blog?  That's a good thing!  It means you aren't in the spider web so keep doing what you're doing and be happy!

Life is a continual learning process --- a process of constant change --- and none of us are very excited about change --- because in order to get to the other side (the better side) we must go through the web!!!!!

I'm working my way through!  How about you?

Until next time . . . little spider --- stop spinning so fast!!!!                                     Susan

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