Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thou Shalt Not . . .


A couple of years ago I helped our church secretary and her family move.

One of the things they were going to get rid of was a big hippo --- yes, I said hippo.  This thing was about 2 feet high and nearly 3 feet long.  It had been sitting in front of their fireplace.

As soon as I saw it -- it was love at first sight!   :)

Since they didn't want it anymore it "jumped" into my truck and found a home with us.  I decided to put him outside, just underneath our bedroom window, in the landscaping.  When Monty saw it knowing all the brightly colored things I had painted and put in our landscaping, he thought the hippo should be painted purple.

Sure thing -- bright purple he became.  Everyone who walked by noticed him and said just looking at him made them smile.

This past weekend I was painting one of our plastic lawn chairs purple and thought I would give hippo a fresh coat of a bit brighter purple.  As I turned the corner to pick him up --- he wasn't there!?  At first I checked my own self wondering what I had done with him.  Then it dawned on me --- someone stole him!!!!!

I was a combination of heart broken and mad -- more mad!  Didn't someone realize he didn't belong to them?  Didn't they think that he might have some sentimental value to me?

The answer to both questions is NO!  Not only didn't they realize --- they just plain didn't care!

I am still angry and now the neighbors tell me how much they miss seeing him as they walk by!

Stealing has always been something that Monty just cannot deal with.  It's one of those "pet peeve" things for him.  He says he grew up with it and just cannot tolerate it.

I did not grow up with it and still don't like it!

So my hippo is gone and no one will convince me he's found a better home!  And maybe he was just plastic and painted purple --- but he meant much more to me!

God knew what He was doing when He wrote the 10 commandments and put in the one stating "Thou Shalt Not Steal".  I only wish people would take Him seriously!

Until next time . . . Lord, please forgive the person with the sticky fingers and convict them enough that they just might return hippo to his real home!                                            Susan

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Cheryl said...

That is so frustrating! I said a prayer that the person who stole your hippo will feel convicted and return him to his place of honor.