Friday, September 13, 2013

The Nations . . . on a school bus

All week I have been working with 2 little kindergarteners on their English.  Each day they get on the bus ahead of the rest of the elementary classes and they are all excited to open their school folders and show me their coloring pages, stickers for being good and everything else they did in school.

English is a minority language on my bus.  Omar and Gustavo have really been working hard.  Omar on his colors and Gustavo on his numbers.  Gustavo can now say his bus number and count to 11.  Omar knows the stop light colors and loves telling me when I can go and when I can stop.  He's still a bit confused about what yellow actually means as he doesn't understand "slow down".

The little Chinese kids and their laughter and high pitched voiced speaking their native language never cease to amaze me.  Sun in the only one who can translate the rules of the bus -- and repeat them as often as needed.

This week I also have 4 new students, none of who speak English.

As I was rolling down the road back to the bus lot this afternoon, looking back to all my empty seats as they were all home safe and sound -- I thought about the nation being on my bus.

I've got kids from Africa, China, Korea, Turkey, Egypt, Germany, Portugal --- and those are the ones I know of.  I have no doubt more are there but I just haven't gotten to know them yet.  I still don't know where Ebba is from?  And Isa doesn't know where he's from either!

I am growing more and more attached to them each day.  Their innocent smiles, their laughter that will make the worst feelings disappear, their love for their parents and the parents love for them.  As they take that last step off the bus steps and run into the arms of their parents it shows me the love of God for us!  He's always there waiting for us -- with His arms open to catch us, to hold us, to love us.

The kids on my bus this year couldn't have more opposite backgrounds as mine from last year.  But what they do have in common is the love of Jesus and His arms ready to hold each of them.  Makes me wonder what they will all be when they grow up.

Santiago brought me a cupcake this morning!  The smile on his face as he handed me that little brown bag was priceless!  When I thanked him and told him I didn't think I would share it with my husband he just cackled.  Those priceless, life changing moments --- for me!

Thank you Lord for allowing me to see You through these children!  Bless them Jesus!  Bless us all.

Until next time . . . God really IS love!                                               Susan

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