Monday, September 16, 2013

He's still not 50

I don't know if you remember last year this time.  Monty's birthday!

Last year he came to me and finally "admitted" that he was having a lot of difficulty dealing with the fact that he was turning 50.

When I told him he would only be 48 a smile broke across his face and he laughed at how much better he felt.

So today -- he's still not 50!!!!!  And he's still happy about it! 

We've got a whole year to "deal" with 50.       :)

Gotta love the man!  I know I sure do!

Happy Birthday Monty!                                                                           Susan

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Cheryl said...

Happy birthday to Monty! Tell him I'll be turning 50 before him and that I fully expect God's grace to meet me there when I arrive. ;)