Thursday, April 04, 2013

Teacher = flu . . . Student = me

It's been a tough last couple of weeks.

Each year when Monty goes and gets his flu shot he asks if this is going to be the year I get one too.

My answer is always a resounding NO!  I did get one many, many years ago and was sick for 2 weeks afterwards!  Everyone said it wasn't the flu but . . .

Anyway, for the past 4 weeks I have bounced from a sore throat to ears to head congestion and back around the same circle.  Last Saturday it took a nasty turn and knocked me flat.  And it takes alot to knock me completely down!

Yes, the flu came pounding down and by the end of the same day Monty also had it.  Our symptoms have been similar yet different. 

It's the first Easter Sunday in as long as I can remember that I missed church.

I also missed work on Monday and Tuesday.  I did make it back yesterday, Monty still has not.

My bus kids remained good and our number of consecutive days is now 23 1/2.  They are thrilled to know we have 36 more to go to the end of the year!

Today we were to be boarding a plane and heading to California to officiate at the wedding of our dear friend, Scott and his new bride.  That isn't happening! 

The flu put and end to that trip and broke our hearts when we had to make the phone call to let him know.  It would have been so good to see all our team members from there and so have been honored to perform Scott's wedding. 

But we aren't going, he did find another pastor to do the wedding and we will continue to stay here and do the best we can to completely heal and get back to "normal" or whatever the meaning of that word is.

I have not enjoyed being a student of the flu -- and although I know God has the ultimate lesson in this whole ordeal --- I just don't like the homework!

Until next time . . . stay healthy and let's keep the good days rolling on the bus!          Susan and Monty

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