Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Scarred but stronger

Life is so unchanging --- and I am so thankful that God is my constant factor!!!

Life is better, took a new turn, a hopefully good one --- one that will last.

Many thanks for your prayers --- you have NO idea the power they held!

God just kept putting this line in my spirit -- "give it the weekend"    ---- I had no idea why but decided to listen.  I gave it the weekend and when a huge crash came that I didn't expect and totally blindsided me --- I still gave it the weekend and ---- low and behold --- Monday morning brought new life, new hope, new encouragement and yes -- God!

"Come and make all things new . . ." is a line from a great song.
"You've got to face the clouds to find the silver lining . . ." is another.
"Broken hearts become brand new . . ." is yet another.

God inspired those songs -- and many more.  Listening to Christian music has always been sort of a life line for me and I encourage you to really listen to the words being sung.  Truth!  Something not easy to find these days!

One a totally different note --- I have managed to "clean house" on my bus by refusing to transport those middle school and high school students who are not assigned to ride my bus!  Wasn't easy but nothing worth while ever is I guess.  I have about 20 less students (all the trouble makers) and just yesterday I heard this comment on the bus, "this bus is just too quiet now!"  No -- it's never too quiet but it's the way it should be!

God works in mysterious ways and I will continue to stand on His promises, His Word -- knowing it's truth and I can trust it.  Truth and Trust --- so precious to all of us!

Until next time . . . what are you standing on?                       Susan and Monty

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