Thursday, April 11, 2013

Starting over

After going for 27 days with no discipline slips - no one kicked off - the streak has ended.

It was an amazing record breaker  --  even the transportation department stands in amazement!  But like most good things -- they do come to an end.

Yesterday morning ended one "era" and has forced us to start over.

"Out of control" doesn't quite describe our morning!  My "needs medication" 7 year old just couldn't get it together thus --- off for 5 days this time!

Another one, who is diagnosed suicidal also, had taken her medication but it just wasn't working and by the time we arrived at school it took 3 adults to physically get her away from pounding her fists into the brick wall of the school and inside where she was safe!  It was both terrifying and tear jerking!  She is also a cutter -- she actually cuts herself (her wrists bear the marks) and is most likely one of the saddest situations I have seen to date.  She will be off the bus for a couple of days.

I also discovered that a family of 3 children -- all of which are problems -- are not even supposed to be on my bus!  They "don't want to ride" their scheduled bus so they just hop on mine!  I have informed their school and hopefully we will get them where they need to be.

Yesterday was one of those exhausting days for me, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Add a "biggie" from home and it was --- just tough!  My only recourse was to stand firm on God's word of "bringing all things to completion" and the "I can do anything through Him who gives me the strength" verses!

And not to my surprise --- this morning was better.  The kids are disappointed about their pending pizza party not happening but uplifted at the thought that we will start over and see what happens.  Home has settled and the rains were a refreshing change bringing more normal temps.

It was a good ride -- a great one -- one that changed the kids lives -- they realized they could actually be good -- and now we start over!

How many times in our lives have we wished we could start over?  Funny how God always gives us that "another chance" to do it right -- or atleast try to!

At the end of today it will be day 1   --- and I am excited to see just how good we all can be!

Until next time . . . God -- thanks for the Word of life -- literally!             Susan and Monty
PS    happy belated birthday to my mother in law, Judy!!!!!!  Love ya

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Cheryl said...

You have given these kids a goal; a sense of purpose. What a wonderful gift! You are an inspiration, Susan. Press on, my friend.