Friday, February 08, 2013

Rebuilding Walls ---- Literally

Great News!!!!!

After 21 months we are finally going to get Billy's retaining walls rebuilt!

Yep -- the tornado that went through our hometown back on May 25, 2011 not only damaged Billy's house inside and out, it torn down one retaining wall and damaged the other -- retaining walls that are outside and lead to his garage/basement area.

It's taken a really long time but finally ---- God spoke to me the other day and told me to ask the gentleman who owns the subdivision we live in.  He and his family have been in the block laying business since the beginning of time! 

Roger and I went to Billy's the other day, took measurements, had alot of discussion because the damage is endangering the very foundation of his home, and put together a plan.  Roger got the estimate to me yesterday and today I got the approval to get the job done!

Billy has had the patience of Job during this whole thing and was so excited that this is finally going to get done!  He had never given up on me and for that I am grateful.

I love it when God speaks and gives direction!  He's always right and right on time.  For us it seems like forever but it's His perfect timing!

And . . . I have been contacted by 2 different volunteer groups who are looking for work over spring break.  I was able to get them both connected.  The skilled group will be going to Holton to make a huge impact as I know their capabilities and their quality of work!  What a blessing!

The younger, less skilled ones will be working and training with Jane in Henryville!

Both connected and both ready to be a blessing and in return be blessed themselves!

Isn't God amazing!!!!!!

Until next time . . . "let's get 'er done!"        :)                                 Susan and Monty

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