Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy 15th Valentine's Day

I can barely keep track of the days and weeks and months but one thing I do know --- this is our 15th Valentine's Day together and I am blessed!

Life has sure taken us up and down some winding roads.  Some filled with struggles, some with pain and tears, others with joy beyond explanation and all of them filled with love for each other.

I think that's what's supposed to happen when God is the third party in a marriage!

Of all 15 Valentine's Days there is one that I will always remember --- with a smile all across my face!

Our first year in Mississippi --- we had only been there a few weeks.  We were living in my brother's camper (144 square feet of marital bliss -- Monty's quote) and we had no money.  Our every minute of every day was focused on helping those who had lost everything in hurricane Katrina.  Volunteers were pouring in and the only way we knew it was Sunday is that was the day we went to church in the morning!  We lived in the church parking lot so we couldn't forget.  Eating and sleeping were only done by routine since so many needed help and so many were coming to help.  We were creating "forms" to work with by the day and did well to just keep our heads above water.

That evening after we had eaten dinner Monty asked to stop at the local grocery.  When we went in he guided me to the greeting card section.  He pulled a Valentine's Day card out and said, "if we had money and if we had a place to display cards this is the one I would buy for you.  And this one and this one and this one."  I read each one with a combination of tears and smiles and then put each one back in the rack.

To this day I still think that was the best Valentine's Day ever --- and we didn't spend a dime but "recycled" like no one else!

So . . . Valentine's Day is about love . . . but it's only one day of the year!  It takes the other 364 days combined with this one to really describe and live with love -- real love -- the kind that is committed to make it through those winding roads knowing the best is yet to come and it IS worth the pain and the tears and the smiles and the joy!

Monty -- you are the love of my life and always will be . . . so . . .  Happy 15th Valentine's Day!
(this was taken in 2009 but says it all)

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Cheryl said...

Aww...this is really sweet. You two are so perfect for one another and we are so blessed to know you. That "recycled card" idea is where it's at for me. I can't stand spending $ on a card that is to be read once and stored away forever (at best) or tossed for lack of space. We've done that on birthdays and anniversaries..."here is the perfect card I would get for you..." Happy Valentine's Day my friend!