Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm Back . . . Maybe

Again, let's pray this blog can actually hit the airwaves!  The past couple of weeks have been tough, to say the least!
This past week I have spent more hours on the phone with internet tech support than I could ever keep track of.  And I mean hours!!!   All with no results.  Even as I write this I am on the phone trying to work through issues and praying this will get out to you!  I almost feel sorry for the techs -- almost!

Anyway, I am feeling better.  Still not back to 100% yet as that will take some time, usually atleast 10 days or so.  I was able to stay out of the heat and it did finally break and bring us some rain.  Thank you Lord.

I have also been working on and mailed our latest newsletter today.  Each time I write one I think I should've written more often!

The plans are in the works and moving forward for my trip to Maui.  We will be leaving mid August and gone for one week.  I am desperately trying to raise the funds for the plane ticket and meals while there.  We will be booking our flight next week so please pray that the funds come through very quickly!  I am excited about this trip and being able to rebuild a facility that will not only change the lives of our next generation but save those lives!  And bring the Word of God to them to keep them living in the calling God has placd on their lives! 

Don's rebuild is going very slowly.  The Hartsville team has not been here this week so hopefully next week . . .

We were able to respond and get some much needed emergency supplies to a family in our church who had a terrible fire last night.  They are a family with 5 children and everyone got out safe and sound but are left with major damage and cleanup.  Once again --- we need a warehouse!!!!!!

I want to thank all of you for your prayers during this tough time physically.  I have learned alot and know that I don't like not feeling as I should so please keep the prayers going!

And don't forget the prayers for Don, Michael and Maui.

I will update as the internet will allow so pray for that also!    :)

Until next time . . . by God's grace I am healed!!!!!                             Susan and Monty

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