Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Bev

Yes, today is Bev's birthday.  Bev is going with me to Maui to help rebuild the teen rehabilitation center.  She is nervous and has only flown once but is determined to follow the call God has placed on her life, no matter the obstacles!

She picked me for Bible study this morning and for me --- it's so nice to have another woman understand this calling and even though she doesn't have all the answers -- she is taking the step, the risk, and being obedient!

It's going to be an amazing trip.  We learned today that we might be housed at the rehab facility itself, if enough reconstruction has been completed by then.  There have been some local volunteers helping out but only on weekends so they are more than a bit excited about us coming.  With Bobby's construction experience and Hannah and Bev's willingness to learn and do whatever I know we will be able to be a great blessing and in return -- we will be more than blessed. 

Tom, from Hartsville, is also a one man band this afternoon.  He made the trip to Don's -- all by himself -- to double check the electrical work needing done and will plan on returning either later this week or early next week to wrap up the roof work.  We are praying for this intense heat to break long enough for them to work safely.  Please join us in those prayers.  Once that roof is completed we can really concentrate on the inside and see transformations rather quickly.  Mucho thanks to Tom for his dedication and hard work!

Monty has been working full time days and then working overtime helping a woman re-skirt her trailer for the past 2 evenings.  He was soaked to the bone with sweat and covered with dirt when he came in last night after 9:30pm.  I hate that he's outside in this heat and pray God's protection and supernatural strength to enable him to get done what he wants to get done.

Tomorrow we are gathering together to book our flights to Maui.  I would appreciate your prayers.  The flights are not decreasing in price and we are standing in faith that the funds will come in.  A credit card will hold them in the meantime so . . . Lord, we are ready!!!!!!  Show us the way!  Show us the "how" as we say "send us, send us."

Until next time . . .   happy birthday Bev!                                     Susan and Monty

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