Friday, July 06, 2012

Hartsville heats up --- and so do I

If this blog actually posts it might be nothing short of a miracle.  Have been having trouble connecting to the internet all day long!

Hartsville returned yesterday with one goal in mind -- get the subflooring done in Don's house!  They didn't mind the heat -- the came prepared with multiple fans and after me making a couple of trips for materials they were on track and even though it took more tearing out and rebuilding (the floor joists were damaged also) than we thought they got the job done!

Today they returned and installed all 6 brand new windows.  This means that every window in his house is new except for the small one over the kitchen sink!  Once again, amazing work in these record breaking heat wave that seems to go on and on.

Speaking of heat -- some of you know that while we were working in Mississippi back in 2007 I suffered a heat stroke.  Not exhaustion but a stroke.  It wasn't pretty and on my 2nd trip to the emergency room I nearly died lying on the bathroom floor of the waiting room.  It wasn't pretty but I knew that I had not had enough fluids that day.

Yesterday it happened again.  And this time I drank water all day long but it just wasn't enough. 

By the time Monty got home from his job (after 6:30pm) I was out on the bathroom floor.  He took me to the local clinic where they transferred me to the ER via ambulance.  I don't remember alot for the next quite a few hours but with multiple bottles of fluids mixed with meds I finally got to feeling better around midnight.

I learned alot from that nurse on duty late at night.  He told me that no matter how much fluid I took in yesterday it wouldn't be enough.  He said that once you have heat stroke you should literally wear a badge to let others know.  My whole system was compromised back in 2007 and that will last the rest of my life.  He said if it happens to military personel they are required to wear a badge. 

So . . . needless to say I have not stepped outside of our house today -- only to take the dogs to do their business.  I HAVE learned my lesson because I don't think I could live through another bout.

So . . . until this heat breaks, I will be inside and as soon as some funds come through I will get the air conditioner fixed in my truck.  Yep , no air -- but am praying for enough funds to get it working again soon.

My sincere thanks to the Hartsville men and John who slaved away these past 2 days and have transformed Don's house!  Real men of God with real hearts of service.  Love you guys!

Until next time . . . thanks ER docs and nurses!  Priceless!                          Susan and Monty

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