Sunday, July 22, 2012

Delayed Photo Updates

I realize I haven't had many pics lately and hope to show you some updates from the work at Don's house.

This was taken the day after the 4th of July.  Hartsville has the front subflooring of Don's family room removed and it putting together a plan to rebrace the interior walls and replace the floor joists.

Another view.  You can see that the floor joists have been completely removed in this area and the dirt below.  The joists in this area were literally touching the ground and the plates destroyed from all the water pouring in through the hole in the ceiling and roof for over 11 months!

They also unloaded all the new windows and came back the next day to install them all.  Having all new windows is an added blessing that we hadn't counted on when we started the work but God stepped in and provided above and beyond our own feeble plans.  I love it when He does that!

Yesterday Mark returned to complete the priming of the ceilings.  This is Don's dining room.  After taking a better and closer look we have also revised our plans for this room.  The ceiling is sagging in so many areas that we plan on completely redoing it.  Mark has the skills abilities and heart to take this project on so . . . go Mark, go!  And thanks Mark, thanks!

As usual, John was more than happy to join in and was a huge help in getting the house cleaned up and tools organized into a workable space.  Both the family room and dining room are now completely cleared out and ready for the final touches of transformation into a home again.

So . . . we continue to plug away, week by week, all with the goal of getting Don back home again.  He continues working full time (jobs are blessings) and is more than patient with the whole process.  I know he didn't think he would be bunking with his brother nearly this long but . . . it takes what it takes and he realizes that and is ever so grateful to each one who comes to help.

Maui trip update;  we had our first team meeting last night where everyone got their itenerarys and instructions and papers to sign.  The main details are taken care of and now we just continue to try and raise the funds necessary for the flights and food while we are there.

One more gentleman from our own church may be coming along too.  I will know for sure by the end of today so let's pray things work out for him and thus our team grows to 7 people!

Until next time . . . Many thanks to God for all His perfectly timed blessings!        Susan and Monty
PS.  Within minutes of me posting this blog I got a call from another couple in our church and Charlo will be joining our mission team to Maui!  Charlo is originally from Africa and will be a wonderful addition to our "family" and to Maui itself!  Praise the Lord and keep bringing them!!!!!!!!

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