Monday, September 24, 2007

We made it home!!

Sorry for the long delay but thank you for all your prayers for our safe travel home!

I apologize for no photos on this entry but I am using a friend's computer until we can get the internet at home. That should happen within a week or so.

Yes, it was a long two days of traveling but we made it without incident! We drove and pulled trailers for 8 1/2 hours the first day and 7 1/2 the next. Traffic was okay the first day but more than challenging the next. It felt so very good to pull into our subdivision and see home again! Even the dogs realized that we were home! It never ceases to amaze me how dogs know where they are and how they really do remember! Must be a God thing even in the dogs!

We are now in the midst of preparing for this next venture God has for us. We have been verbally spreading the word as much as possible and plan on sending letters out to our contacts with even further information. If any of you would like to receive a letter and aren't sure if you are in our list of contacts please leave a comment at the end of the blog and I will make sure you get one. Remember that we do not publish any comment that contain personal information.

We will be heading up to the northern part of the country for this weekend. There will be some meeting sessions where we will be sharing our plans and sharing thoughts about first reponse disaster ministry. Diane will be joining us along with a couple who also worked with Convoy of Hope. Please keep us in your prayers that God will show us further direction and make our paths clear. It will be good to be away from "heat" although we might need to pack our long underwear! Our bodies have climatized to the heat and anything below 85 might feel like winter!

Please bear with me during this time of having internet and not having internet. Also realize that the blog will be taking a bit different look as we build this ministry. Don't worry, I have enough disaster photos to last a very long time! We do want to keep you all informed as to where God is taking us. We are still working with and sending any teams that might be interested in going to the coast to help in the rebuilding. Our phones are still the same and we would be happy to answer any and all questions and do the best we can to facilitate rebuilding. The need for volunteers has not decreased, especially in the southern New Orleans area. Continue to keep the entire Gulf Coast in your prayers.

Bless all of you for continuing to bless us and hold us up in prayers!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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