Monday, February 06, 2006

Shock and Awe

This past few days have been so busy and filled with so many miracles I am not sure just where to begin.

My husband has been reunited with his one and only son after nearly 21 years! God has a way of always bringing about the truth. We were so blessed to be able to welcome him, David, into our home and into our lives. He is a wonderful man and seems to not only have his head correctly placed on his shoulders, he also knows his faith and this means more to us than words can express. Our prayer is that he continues his walk in the Lord and we can be a family as God intended. Bless you David! PS---you were right---I never gave up on you!

My parents showed up with this new laptop as a gift for us, what a wonderful surprise! This is the tool that will make it possible for us to keep this blogspot available for everyone to read. Having a supportive family at this time of change is something that is truly priceless and we are so thankful for them and my 3 brothers who have also stood right behind us doing anything and everything they can. Without Mark and his donation of his camper trailer for us we wouldn't have a place to live when we get there!

Monty spent all last week preparing the trailer, packing the brakes, cleaning and doing all the things that we had no idea would need to be done as we have not used a trailer before. It is now complete with curtains and ready to roll!

I mentioned in our first entry that we are being sponsored by an association of churches here in Bloomington and will be representing all of southern Indiana on our adventure. We were invited to the Assembly of God church this past Sunday so they could pray over us and bless us before we leave. The service itself was so awesome and Spirit filled that I truly felt as if my feet came up off the floor. Their music is wonderful and the people were so filled with love for us. The miracle of the day was at the end of the service when a gentleman, Bobby, came up to Monty and presented him with the keys to a '94 Ford F250 Powerstroke Diesel extended cab pickup truck------free and clear-----just GAVE it to us! Not just to use on the trip or just to haul our trailer but GAVE it to us!!!! To make me speechless is quite a feat and Bobby did just that! How do you go about thanking someone for something like that? There are not words to adequately describe how we feel, the language just doesn't provide them! Bobby's only response was that God told him to do it! WOW!!!!!!! God is Awesome! We now have an "object lesson" in front of us 24/7 to look at in times of discouragement or confusion. God realized we were visual people and you don't get much more visual than that big white truck! (angels are white, aren't they?)
Among the other miracles are the donation we received from our dearest friend who just lost her husband to cancer only 2 weeks ago! She also invited us over last evening to go through her late husband's vast collection of tools and insisted Monty have more than we could have possibly wished for in the way of construction tools! We are literally taking a part of Chuck with us now!

Ever since we started this journey we have seen evidence of God's hand, guiding and directing us along the way, reassuring us that we are on the right path, we are doing what He is telling us to do.

Just this morning we received a call from our State Representative, Peggy Welch who had some support for us and contact information that is so very valuable. She would not hang up the telephone without praying for us! A political leader taking the time to pray with us??!!! In 2006? God is good! Thank you Peggy, we will be in touch I am sure.

I am sure I am leaving out something that has happened over the past few days but honestly, we are still in a state of shock at the outpouring of support that my brain cannot take it all in.

For those of you who might be sitting there and reading this right now, thinking about something you feel you are being called to do-----DO IT! Take the step out in faith, pray and give God all you have got! You will know whether you are on the right path or not! Also, know your faithfulness will be tested. As our own Pastor Dave said a couple of weeks ago, when you make a comminttment, you will be challenged. This week has also held its own set of challenges, which I will not elaborate on as they are quite painful and I have put those in God's hands, knowing His timing is much more accurate than mine (although I would love to fed ex my watch to Him so we might be on the same time?).

Thank you all for reading and keeping us in your prayers. I would only ask one thing from all of you right now----pray for my children!

Thanks again and until our next entry----God bless and keep you!
Susan and Monty


kevin said...

I TOLD YOU. HAHAHAHAHA I TOLD YOU god might not come when you want him but he is right on time. you worried about nothing. it was a test from god cutting you off from people. now you see that all of these things are happening perhaps you will truely believe that god knows what he is doing. hahahaah i am so happy for you.
he also has blessed me recently with some representitives from americorp. they have people in mississippi and if i can get them to send me to pasigula.... well i think it is just what chuck would of wanted for you to get his tools. that is awesome well i got to go cause the teachers looking

Denise said...

Susan & Monty,

Pastor Dave gave me the word that I might want to check in with you again! WOW! How awesome is God?? How faithful! So thankful for this blog that will keep me up to date on the amazing things that are coming.

Linda B. said...

Dear Monty,
I shared your plans with Angie as you asked me to do. She was very exited to hear about what you and Susan are doing. It really meant alot to her that you remembered her.

I was so excited about your plans, I had to spread the word in my office. It really is a great "upper" for all of us to know the lives you and Susan will be touching.

I will pray for you and will look forward to watching your blog.

With Best Wishes, Linda B.

Kim said...

You guys are wonderful! We are praying for you daily. The daily updates are so awesome. It helps to inform us so well. We hope to be down in the future. We love you guys! Give Samson and Bitty kisses!
Elmer, Kim, and Rose