Monday, January 30, 2006

Getting ready to roll

We now look as though we actually live in Mississippi. The camper trailer from my brother is parked on our drive way and we spent the entire weekend getting it ready. It still amazes me how much behind the scenes work that is required to get this mission going. I think we spent half the weekend in Walmart! :) Other than a couple of "issues" with replacing speakers inside we moved along well. Monty will be working on packing the brakes and other mechanincal things for the next couple of days.
God's hand continues to move on a daily basis to reaffirm that this is indeed the direction He wants us to go. Pastor's lesson yesterday morning was also just what we needed, as usual! (How does he know those things?)!! It was extra nice because Pastor Dave and his wife, Lisa, got the opportunity to come by the house and "tour" the trailer yesterday. We also had our very dear friend, Joe, take care of getting us enrolled with AAA. God just puts people in our path that think of things we haven't thought of or thought they were just out of the picture. If I sat and told of all the times these things have occurred during this preparation I would be here all day. And seeing as how I am really supposed to be still working at my job that may not be a good idea.
My last day of work is this Wednesday so I may be unable to update this site for a few days. My parents are purchasing a laptop computer for us but I don't know when we will get it and our one at home doesn't have internet access. Just stay posted and as soon as possible I will return.
Our plan at this time is to pull out of here on Monday, Feb 6th. This depends on getting a driver to pull the trailer then. Although a couple of people have volunteered nothing is definite as yet.
We have started the difficult process of saying goodbye to family, neighbors and friends. Even though we are not leaving permanently it is still leaving and that part is very hard for us. I cannot imagine how tough it will be this coming Sunday when the church family will be praying for us and our journey! We are so fortunate to have our church members be our family, not just friends! We will be taking parts of each and every one of them with us, but it just won't be the same!
Our prayer is that we are able to know what God would have us do, that we are able to surrender everything and follow His leading. It is our deepest desire to help in whatever way God directs us, wherever He directs us and however He wants us to do it.
As I have said before, we are leaving without all the details planned out. How our bills will be paid and "minor" details like that are still being worked out. We just know we are supposed to be there and delaying until those things are worked out is just wasting precious time. God will work them out and it is up to us to completely lay them at His feet and trust!
We thank all of you for your wonderful comments and encouragement! You just don't know how much they mean to us. We encourage you to continue to comment, continue to keep us in your prayers and continue to remember all the people suffering and how badly they need our help, support and prayers.
Until next time, may God bless each and every one of you!
Susan & Monty

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kevin said...

i hope you know that i am behind you all the way and god is with you. belive that and consentrate on that. things will work out. they have to. and like the old song says "he may not come when you want him but he is right on time." belive that.i hope this thing works out for me. i had a big message wrote up but it messed me up. ill try to send it to you now.