Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Mixed" day

We have been here a little over a week now and I am missing friends and family a bit. The morning was rather quiet for me but mixed with alot of different emotions, some difficult to figure out. I spent quite a bit of time talking with God. By the end of the day He had answered alot of things for me, as usual.
After our usual Waffle House breakfast Monty dropped me off at the laundry! What an experience! At home you have the choice of what size of washer you would like to use----not here! All of the machines were wiped out in the flood and replace with only the large capacity. The ones that cost a minimum of $4.00 per load! And there was a waiting time to even get one. I had enough to fill 3 machines so it took awhile but it is now done, until next time. Everyone brought in huge loads as everyone seems to do what we did, wait until you have nothing clean to wear! :)
Monty came back to the church to do some more work. He had a very powerful prayer experience from a gentleman who used to lead volunteer groups right after the storm. It definitely touched Monty to the core and made me wish I had been here to experience the whole thing.
We continued to work around the church and around our camper trailer throughout the afternooon. About the time we were thinking of leaving and finding dinner one of the board members and his wife called and asked us to dinner. They wanted to know if we would like to go to the Cracker Barrel----we didn't even know there was one here----we jumped at the chance! They took us to an area just outside of the city where we found restaurants that we had been wishing for! It was a really enjoyable evening getting to know them and a little bit more about the church and its background. They took us back to their house to show us the damage they had received. They were quite fortunate as they only had water about 2 feet deep inside their home. They are doing all of the work themselves, along with continuing to work full time. They have an upstairs and took everything they could up there before the storm. They still had to replace all the lower sections of drywall throughout the house, repair all the cabinets and built in wall units, repaint and retrim everything. They lost the hot tub on the back and lost their car. But they also have the attitude of gratitude and hold fast to God's love and support. They then took us on a tour of the city and allowed us to become more familiar with other areas of the city. This whole place is filled with water here and water there. The shipyards are huge. The cruise ship is still here although they are relocating the storm victims that have been living on it.
We plan to get away from here for awhile tomorrow. It is supposed to rain all day so we thought we might get some errands done and maybe go see the mall for a place to walk around. Walking seems rather funny seeing as how we probably walk 15 miles a day just around here. But being inside a 24' long trailer on a rainy day doesn't allow for walking space!
Spending the evening with the top board member of the church helped us realize even more God's call for us to be here. This church has suffered so much, not only with the storm but their pastor was relieved of his position a few weeks ago and that has really made it tough for the congregation. We pray we are able to bring a bit of stability to them. We aren't really sure just what God has planned for us, or for them. But we do know that God is good and that He does have a plan! That's all that matters. We have promised to follow God's leading and pray we have open eyes and hearts to follow properly.
Thank you all for your prayers. It is only with your prayers and support that we are able to do this!
Have a great Saturday and prepare your hearts to hear God's word come Sunday morning!
All our love, Susan and Monty


Brianna Reed said...

Hi my name is brianna reed from
the vineyard/church and i just had a few question when me and family come down there can i help teach
some preschoolers and first graders 2nd graders too and some 3rd graders on spring break and do you think i am too young to come i am 8 yeras old write back soon thanks

Jackie said...

Hey Susan & Monty,
We miss you too. Your feelings are valid and God hears you. Remind yourselves of the goal, and stay focused. All for God's glory.

Jackie, Levi, and Lydia